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Want to boost your positive self-talk?  


Download and save the images and affirmations that speak to you on this page.  Post them around the house, office and on your social media so you see them often.  Fold them up and put them in your pocket, your lunch bag, wallet or purse.  Put them in your phone to refer to them regularly.


Remember your incredible value and gifts.  You ARE truly amazing!


You might not be at the top of your game at the moment.  You may want bigger, better, healthier or more abundant.  Start where you are and reach for more.  You are what you think.  You are what you declare.  You are what you believe…So begin.  Affirm your greatness.


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I am fearless-CP-600x593


I am creator of my life


I love and approve of myself--CP-800x800


I can handle whatever comes


Universe supports me


light and goodness (March 2015)


I take action



I feel fantastic


I choose greatness


I can handle it


I begin again


I appreciate the people


I am high-octane


I am fueled


I am focused


health and wellness


grateful for abundance


fully present


filled with possibility (March 2015)


filled with positive expectation


filled with good things


Divinely guided--April 2015


beautiful life


today, I laugh




My lifesings!I amgrateful!




I release negativity