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On the Porch with the Stoics: Discipline of Will

You’ve heard in the prior episodes about the first two disciplines that the Stoics practiced: the disciplines of perception and of action. Today, we hear about the third discipline–the discipline of will.  Our clearest examples come from the trials and tribulations of war and great loss which we will hear about today. But we’ll learn that the crucible of war is not the only time to pull out this discipline from our old friends, the Stoics. It’s a daily practice. This discipline of will requires that we answer the question, “How do we govern ourselves in a world that isn’t always happy and fair? How do we reconcile the externals and internals–those things within our control and those things outside our control. This discipline is about our character and how we define ourselves.

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On the Porch with the Stoics: Discipline of Action

With the discipline of action, our ancient friends remind us that the way to live a happy and productive life is to make a habit of doing good.

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On the Porch with the Stoics: Discipline of Perception

Are you in the habit of seeing things and people as they are or do you attach a story to everything and everyone you see?  If you’re honest, (and we all need to be!) most of us are in the habit of poor perception and faulty thinking/logic. We have endless reels that are playing in the background that distort almost every interaction…and we wonder why we suffer!   Continue Reading

On the Porch with New Friends: the Stoics

This week and for the next few weeks, unless for some reason I’m side-tracked, let’s sip some lemonade on the porch with some ancients…who are in fact, quite modern. These guys are the Stoics.

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