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Meditation on Friendship

Meditation on Friendship

We are a people in need of friendship–not only with others, but with ourselves. Today, Lee Ann explores friendship and belonging in this episode. Because this topic is so wide and so deep, we’ll return to this subject again.

You’ll find the notes for the episode below.  Please don’t forget to reach out to me, Lee Ann, with your ideas and your comments HERE.  I’d love to hear them. You will most definitely get a response from me. Thank you for listening, subscribing and sharing. Remember, I love you. I really, REALLY love you…

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Inner Generosity

Inner Generosity

We can’t be in a hurry in tough times.  It often requires patience.  But even more than patience, inner generosity fills the holes in our weary soul and spirit.  In this podcast, Lee Ann chats about a different kind of relationship we need to have with ourselves in the middle of difficult circumstances–well, in life really.  Listen in for a few pointers and a big dollop of love!


Notes from the Podcast:


Quotes from Two Spiritual Giants


“You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe deserve your love and affection.”  Buddha

“If I am not for myself, who will be for me?”  Rabbi Hillel


Three Helpful Practices for Inner Generosity

  1.  Notice your inner communication.  95% of all growth and change begins with observing what you are currently doing!  Noticing when we are unkind to ourselves is the starting point for making new decisions.
  2.  Work with affirmations.  (A great primer and positive book on affirmations is Lee Ann’s book, You Are All That: Creating a Great Life with Affirmations.  It’s been called a “small book with a big punch.”  The 2nd Edition will be coming out in May, 2017. Lee Ann will re-launch this little gem at that time!)
  3. Stand in front of the mirror and give yourself a little love.  Be your own cheerleader!  Remember what Hillel said, “If I am not for myself, who will be for me?”


Making Contact!


Don’t forget, you can drop Lee Ann a line at and tell her what you love, tell her what you need, tell her whatever you like.  She’s here for you.


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