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Internal Skies, Part 1

Internal Skies, Part 1

No more “Stinkin’ Thinkin'” for you!


Clear up those internal weather patterns that are causing you to suffer!  Create your great life with affirmations.  Learn from a master affirmation practitioner and your host and fellow traveler on this journey, Lee Ann Hopkins.  She gives you seven rules (suggestions) to get you started with affirmations. Even if you’ve worked with positive thinking, listen in, as you’re bound to learn something new!


Resources and Links for Today’s Podcast:


You Are All That: Creating a Great Life with Affirmations, by Lee Ann Hopkins–This is a small book that offers loads of value, especially if you’ve never used affirmations before.  Even if you have, there are always new things to learn about this incredible old subject!


Affirmations Page–found on Hooray Living’s website.  Listen to audio clips of some of Lee Ann’s favorite affirmations with a lovely soundtrack of music underneath by justjohnmusic (John Hopkins).


The Hooray Daily–bite-sized cheer for you in your day!  You can find this page dedicated to affirmations, fun, quotes and good vibes.  Every morning there is an affirmation posted.  Download the post images to your phone in your picture app.  I’ve made a separate album of affirmation images on my phone.  This little library-of-love gives me the opportunity to flip through them when I need a lift in the middle of the day!  Try it!

Hidden Worth

Hidden Worth

Today, discover your hidden worth, your inner beauty!  


Lee Ann offers a wonderful story to illuminate your brilliance.  She reminds you of your greatness every week.  So listen in, and enjoy.  This is for YOU!

Who Do You Think You Are?

Who Do You Think You Are?

Have you ever been put down with the question, “Who do you think you are?”  Have you halted your own growth because of the opinion of others or your own limited knowledge?  We do this in countless ways, but we need not do this.  Join Lee Ann for a very personal pep talk–one that she gives herself!  Find out what Jesus, Luke, Robert Kennedy and Marianne Williamson have to say about your fear and self-doubts.



Send any request for card/special occasion note/prayer request to  You know you want something other than bills and circulars to arrive in your mailbox!  Ask!



Lee Ann raves about Marianne Williamson on this weekly podcast.  If you haven’t read any of Ms. Williamson’s work, start with her first bestseller, A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of A Course in Miracles. You’ll thank us!


HW 008 The Odds of You

HW 008 The Odds of You

Listen in for some love and a big surprise!

Do you know the odds of your birth? Do you know how amazing you are? Do you know how unique your contribution to the world is?  Let Lee Ann fill you in on today’s Hooray Weekly podcast.

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Lee Ann is sending out free snail-mail cards and notes to any and all who need a lift, some encouragement and love.  To get a personalized note and card delivered to a friend, family member or neighbor in need, simply send an email to Lee Ann at


Reference about Dr. Ali Binazir–

You can find a super cool infographic from Business Insider for the odds I refer to in the podcast!  It is so awesome.  Check it out.


Turbo “Today” for 2017

“The same wind blows on us all. The difference is the set of the sail.”–Jim Rohn


You’ve seen hundreds of articles in your Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter news feeds about all that you need to do to kick-start your 2017. You’ve read all the grab-you-by-the-shoulders headlines: “Why New Years Goals Don’t Work,” “21 Ways to Make Your Life Infinitely Better in 2017,” “5 Tips to Make You a Better Investor in 2017,” “3 Simple Steps to Building Consistency,” “Your Successful 2017 in 7 Easy Moves,” “Habits to Help You in the New Year”…Ugh, the list is endless! And what’s worse, we actually read this stuff and think, “Well that person must know something I don’t…” Then you read the articles and realize on second thought, “They don’t know anything more than I do!  It’s just more (can I say this to you?…)…CRAP!”

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Getting What You Want

“Ask for what you want and be prepared to get it!”

– Maya Angelou, an amazing poet!


Do you want more than you currently have?  Do you feel that you can be and do more?  Do you desire more for your children and those you love?


If the answers are yes, listen up.  You can have more, be more and get more if you do something that we often overlook and under-appreciate.  That is, we need to ask for what we want.  While this is a first step, it is absolutely not the only step.


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“Smile, and the world smiles with you.”

–Lee Ann Hopkins


Spring has arrived!  We are outside, rubbing elbows with more folks, and hopefully, feeling a lift in our spirits as we notice the crocuses, the forsythia and the robins return.  Whether you are feeling that springtime lightness or not, I recommend listening to the track I produced a few years ago on my CD, “Can-Do Booster Shots: The Painless Pick-Me-Ups” and share it with anyone who needs a 7-minute boost to their day.

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