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Meditation on Friendship

Meditation on Friendship

We are a people in need of friendship–not only with others, but with ourselves. Today, Lee Ann explores friendship and belonging in this episode. Because this topic is so wide and so deep, we’ll return to this subject again.

You’ll find the notes for the episode below.  Please don’t forget to reach out to me, Lee Ann, with your ideas and your comments HERE.  I’d love to hear them. You will most definitely get a response from me. Thank you for listening, subscribing and sharing. Remember, I love you. I really, REALLY love you…

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Off the Cuff: Love Is the Best Thing Going

Love is what is real.

We’re here to love, to bind up the broken-hearted, to feed and heal the sick, to be in relationship with one another, to cherish this glorious planet that we are lucky enough to inhabit. We’re here to be the love revolution.

And yes, just like the F-bomb, love is a four-letter word…L-O-V-E, and it packs one heckuva punch. There’s more power in it than anything else on this earth.

Hear Lee Ann’s take on what this world needs more of. She’s going all “red-head” on the topic. You’ll want to listen and share.

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Off the Cuff: Re-Souling of America

Off the Cuff: Re-Souling of America

Today, Lee Ann talks “off-the-cuff” about the troubles and answers for our collective malaise here in America.  While we may be “drowning in information and starving for wisdom” in the U.S., most people want to be on the side of love and justice. But it demands that we look at ourselves individually and communally. “Who are you?” is the question to be asked and answered. How we answer determines the course we take.


DC Hug Mob will be happening again! Come join us at the Lincoln Memorial/Reflecting Pool on Saturday, September 23rd at 12:00 Noon. We have the FREE HUGS signs. You bring the hugs. It’s easy–give a hug, get a hug. Help us re-soul America, one hug at a time.

Be sure to get your copy of Lee Ann’s You Are All That: Creating a Great Life with Affirmations. It’s on Amazon. You can get it by clicking here! Let us know what you think!

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Moments: Enzo

Moments: Enzo

Some moments are so precious they leave an imprint on you for life.  This moment is a collection of moments–really, two years worth. As of this week, Enzo, the greyhound, our wonder-boy and beautiful soul has been with our family for two years.  Join Lee Ann as she talks about Enzo and her wish for a better self and kinder world.

Moments: Party Girl

Moments: Party Girl

Moments are defined as–

  1. a :  a minute portion or point of time

    b :  a comparatively brief period of time

  2. a :  present time

    b :  a time of excellence or conspicuousness

In this new segment of Hooray Weekly, Lee Ann shares small, yet significant moments to gnaw on and consider.  And reminds us of our shared present that surely is a delight and wonder, if we will only stop and pay attention.

This first “moment” was with my little neighbor.  She taught me a lovely lesson about love…and partying!

Let Lee Ann know how you are and how she can serve you through this podcast.  Write her at

Hugs are Us ~ Nourishment for the Soul

Hugging therapy is a powerful way of healing ~


Love is not afraid to feel.  In fact, Love’s favorite guise is a hug or a touch.

But we have a wee problem in our culture…

Often, we are fearful that we will appear ridiculous if we ask for a hug or worse go hug someone for no apparent reason (the key here is no APPARENT reason).  But put a puppy, kitten or baby in front of us and we will coo, touch, hug, pat and kiss those little critters like we want to eat them up.  And they are delicious!  No man, woman or child can stop themselves from such marvelous foolishness, right?

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