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HW 002: Keep Your Head Down

HW 002: Keep Your Head Down

Welcome to Week 2 of the Hooray Weekly Podcast!


Today, I dive into Hooray Weekly for real.  Exciting!  In this first episode of the “Hooray in Tough Times” series, I offer a few crumbs along your spiritual and emotional path toward freedom, hope and love.  I hope that you find nourishment and encouragement in my words.  We’re on this journey together, so let’s go!


The podcast link is below.  (As of today, the podcast has been submitted to iTunes, Stitcher and SoundCloud so that you’ll be able to subscribe to the podcast from your favorite podcast directory.  The blog itself will be the place to come to for show notes, which will include a summary of the episode and announcements, as well as links to any resources I mention.  The weekly podcast will always be available here on Hooray Living’s blog.)


Remember, “smile and the world smiles with you.”


I love you!  Here we gooooooo!




HW 002: Keep Your Head Down

“I can’t go on, I’ll go on…”  –Samuel Beckett


How in the world do you manage through tough times of crisis, despair, anxiety and loss?  In this episode, I encourage you to keep your head down.  Keeping your head down is a way through when worlds seem to be crashing in upon you.  It’s one-foot-in-front-of-the-other work and involves doing what is right in front of you and involves praying in whatever form that is for you.


This “keep your head down” strategy is the first of many ways to keep yourself moving through tough times.  Next week, I’ll talk about finding stillness in the midst of the storm.


If you’d like to learn more about the teacher/professor/womanist ethicist & theologian, Reverend Dr. Katie Geneva Cannon, I mention in the episode, click to find her books here.  Katie Geneva Cannon, PhD, is the Annie Scales Rogers Professor of Christian Ethics, Union Theological Seminary-PSCE in Richmond, VA. The first African American woman ordained in the United Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), Cannon focuses her work in the areas of Christian ethics, Womanist theology, and women in religion and society. She has lectured nationally on theological and ethical topics and is the author or editor of numerous articles and seven books including Katie’s Canon: Womanism and the Soul of the Black Community and Black Womanists.


The Myth of Self-Sufficiency (or How I Found My Way Out of Lonely)

The Myth ~

We aim for self-sufficiency like a prized trophy.  We do so with the help of mythology.

The American Prairie plays a significant role in our contemporary understanding of self-sufficiency.  During the 1840s and 50s, when gold-diggers, land speculators and homesteaders headed West, a large number of people and families staked their claim to a piece of America smack-dab in the middle of the country, where there was an expansive sky, plenty of fertile soil, herds of buffalo and sweeping winds.  Families dotted the landscape in their sod homes and simple cabins, often with their closest neighbor fifteen miles away.  This environment gave rise to the idea that self-sufficiency was honorable, noble and somehow grand because one counted only upon one’s own wits, resourcefulness and skills.   Continue Reading

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