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Life Supports Your Path

Life Supports Your Path

As Simple as Trusting ~

With regularity I drove my step kids to school and to synagogue.  We’d start at home, follow the same routes, and end up at our destination like clockwork.  During our drives, both of the children were almost always engrossed in whatever it was they were doing:  daydreaming, storytelling, singing or playing with action figures.  On a couple of occasions, I asked the children if they knew how to get to school, synagogue or home if I didn’t drive them.  Their blank stares looked both unknowing and scared, as if Libi (their affectionate term for me) was about to dump them by the side of the road and say, “walk!”

Later that evening, Buddy, the Buddha of the family and the youngest, said to me in a kitchen conversation,  “Libi, I don’t need to know the way to school because you always get me there.  I’m just paying attention to what I’m doing when you drive…”

I nearly fell over from the ah-ha! I felt.  I had been struggling to reach a goal that I had set for myself and I was coming up short time and again.  I was worrying about the end result, scaring myself, instead of doing the small tasks that were right in front of me, which would eventually get me to where I wanted to go.  I would reach the goal by trusting the process and doing my daily part to that end.

Buddy intuitively understood trust and faith.  He trusted that I would get him to where he needed to be—that life would support him on his path.  He was focused on what he was doing.  That’s it!  He wasn’t bothered about whether or not he would arrive at the destination.  He knew…and simply enjoyed the car ride.

I suggest that we grown-ups trust the driver (the Universe, Spirit, God) and enjoy the ride!  We’ll get to where we need to be, one step at a time.

car ride 1950's or 60's

Written by Lee Ann Hopkins

Smile and the world smiles with you. That's the motto she lives by. Lee Ann is perfectly imperfect and unabashed about it even as she strives for higher and "better" every day. Both her can-do and her foibles are as fabulous as her smile. So take a moment and breathe in Lee Ann's "hooray" for today! Ms. Hopkins is the founder of The Hooray Daily and Hooray Living, a speaker, writer and do-gooder, who believe-it-or-not has been a public-interest attorney and clergywoman. No attorney jokes, please!;-) Well, on second thought...they really are delicious! Bring 'em on!

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