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Do you need a pick-me-up?  Do you need to be reminded of your wonder and can-do?  Listen to one or all of the affirmations below and feel your spirits take flight.


These mini-audio clips are nuggets of self-love declaring to yourself and the world positive messages that will build your confidence, maintain your positive self-regard and strengthen your belief in yourself.  As you listen to Lee Ann’s voice proclaim these bite-sized, positive affirmations, try mirroring these words either aloud or silently to yourself.  There is ample time between each spoken phrase for you to insert your own beautiful voice.  Take in these words to your core.  Feel them deeply.  Smile to yourself.  (If you are in a place where you can close your eyes and imagine how you might look and feel, by all means, please do so.)


Begin to blast your thinking with positive self-talk every chance you get.  Since our minds are constantly whirling in a swirl of words, that means that we have plenty of opportunity for affirmations.  So let’s go!


I am creator of my life



I am fearless-CP-600x593




I can handle whatever comes




I love and approve of myself--CP-800x800




Unlimited for Cafe Press-800x791






John Hopkins of justjohn music has a unique blend of technical and creative talent which has been utilized to accomplish many goals in his diverse music career. With schooling from Full Sail University and Berklee College of Music, his career includes an in depth creative and technical knowledge of the recording studio and creative arts realm taking on such responsibilities as an audio technician, mixer and editor, music producer, composer, sound designer and musician. This has garnered him such accolades as Gold and Platinum artist credits on myriad major label releases as well as a Grammy Nomination.
The creative side of John was spawned from his love of the arts. He started his musical training at age 9 playing the drums and percussion in various incarnations. He later found a creative outlet in playing piano and keyboards as well. This drive is what landed him a scholarship for Berklee College of Music in Boston where he honed is craft of song writing and composition. Using this experience, he then went on to create and perform in many bands, music troupes and song writing ventures.
His current collaboration with the Hooray Music Affirmations is yet another fine feather in his cap which has expanded his musical inspirations and allowed him to flex another aspect of his never ending goal for creative and artistic expression.



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